Redmug offers consulting services for schools, organizations and private studios helping them to set and maintain a professional pottery studio / school.

Areas we help with our consultation services are:

  • Setting up a studio (location, studio flow, maintenance)
  • Develop teaching curriculum
  • Diversification of clay offerings (team building, parties, commission work and more)
  • Cost effective advertising methods for you studio / school
  • Technical information

Other areas of consulting where we or our affiliates can help you with:

  • You want to cut production costs
  • You want to lower loss rates
  • You want to develop a glaze
  • You want to become independent of "stock" clay bodies from suppliers
  • You want to buy raw materials and clays from their source
  • You want to develop a clay body for throwing, hand building, slip casting, ram pressing, or jiggering operations
  • You want to develop a ceramic product
  • You want to change a firing temperature, try reduction firing, oxidation firing, salt/soda firing, wood firing, Raku firing, pit firing, lusters, decals, or fuming
  • Your glaze crawls, shivers, crazes, pinholes, blisters, dimples, runs, or just doesn't work
  • your clay body fires too light, too dark, too absorbent, shrinks, cracks or just causes problems