Red Mug

They say figures that move on the pottery wheel,
speak. At Redmug, we give them a voice.

Redmug seeks to make everyday objects beautiful.
We take apart everyday things and put them back into objects that uncover the hidden balance. While the jumble of objects, from pots to toys, that we carry, might be so familiar as to seem invisible, our creative re-imagining restores their original meaning and allow you see them in a different light. The group of objects we have on our shelf represent things both public and private that make up our individual worlds. But look around. Rediscover the charming everyday things.

The Ying
Redmug is not machine-made pottery. The pieces that you see don’t come from an assembly line, where an art piece is mimicked. Each of these pieces are unique, signed and handcrafted. The piece that you buy is completely unique in that, there is simply no other. It stands alone.

And Yang
Redmug specialises in tailored and hand-made ceramic home and hospitality accessories like table sets; decorative and accent pieces; walls and ambient installations; lighting and art works.

We offer product design consultancy, including aesthetic concept research and development, mood boards, graphic communication, technical documentation and 3D rendering. Our studio also provides educational services and artistic support for ceramic culture, with classes, workshops and residencies for ceramic artists.